Without any doubt, our specialty is containment of elevated and ground tanks, and then blasting them safely within that containment. Our unsurpassed productivity is based on the newest of high volume, silenced air compressors, state-of-the-art, high volume, 40,000 cubic feet per minute dust-collectors and trained/experienced manpower that operates very high productivity blasting equipment.

Efficiently cutting paint, rust and mill scale off steel is a direct function of the volume of air developed, the size and type of abrasive chosen as well as the size of hoses and nozzles. Over the years our "Monster Blaster" technique has left a phenomenally good impression on owners and their inspectors. We deal with each respective
structure's needs both in record time and with the highest resulting level of quality.


When the right tank presents the opportunity we've been known to robotically blast the exterior and interior so that containment isn't required and schedules are enhanced while still meeting State and Federal codes for heavy metal removal and disposal.

Our application of paints and lining materials vary from high volume spray equipment to power-roller applications. We work wherever possible within containment so that any possible over spray potential is negated. All of our crews do their own logo and artwork on tanks. From the simplest lettering to the most complex of murals and logos is just another day's work for
Classic Protective Coatings, Inc.