Federal & State rules regarding the removal of heavy metal contaminated exterior paint systems are very well defined. One simply can’t legally blast them off unless the whole working area is contained and enhanced by a negative-air environment caused by large dust-collectors drawing fresh air into the flexible sidewall and roof containment and then out through HEPA filter media.

We are one of the best contractors in North America when it comes to cost effective, quickly installed, efficient, safe work areas developed around both elevated and ground storage tanks. We use impervious ground cover.


As well, our large industrial vacuum units pick up debris at a very high rate enhancing the effectiveness of the sidewall/bonnet containment. Fugitive-dust spreading lead or chromium debris around a neighborhood will not happen with our company.

Our on-site shower trailers meet OSHA requirements for hygiene in the workplace and our people are blood tested regularly for heavy metal contamination. We have the lowest blood lead levels in the industry!
Our air-monitoring equipment and experience in using it is second to none in the industry.