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Turn-Key Water Storage Solutions

We offer continued maintenance plans which will keep your tanks in working order for years and save future costly repairs. We partner with top tier design and engineering firms to provide solutions for community water storage needs. Working together we’re able to offer any community or private owner an affordable plan that will make the future predictable and cost effective.

We offer comprehensive Water Tank Maintenance Service (WTMS) plans. Our plans are highlighted by customization, cost-effectiveness, project planning, and design development elements. We’ll provide our clients with a budget and schedule for maintenance. We work with top tier engineer firms to create a budget friendly plan for our tank owners.

Our turn-key approach enables owners to take advantage benefits such as:

  • Sole-Source Responsibility – Classic Protective Coatings and the engineer firm we work with operate as a single delivery team.
  • Direct Contractor Selection – CPC is an industry leader, so you receive the highest quality coatings at a fair price. CPC is current with the latest OSHA and AWWA standards.
  • Long-Term Cost Predictability – Costs associated with our service contracts are capped. This means any subsequent cleaning, touch-ups, and/or repairs are included for the duration of the contract.
  • Flexible Financing – You can easily avoid significant capital expenditures by leveling your overall contract amount into specific annual payments.
  • Additional Services – Design and installation of new tanks, relocation of existing tanks, raising and lowering of existing tanks, repairs of existing tanks, and painting or application of logos.

The project scope typically includes initial inspection, design, rehabilitation and new tank coatings, followed by annual inspections and reports over multi-year agreements.

Maintenance Service Contract References

  • Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (4 tanks)
  • West Allis, Wisconsin (2 tanks)
  • Lakeland, Minnesota
  • Rush City, Minnesota (2 tanks)
  • Barnum, Minnesota
  • Hammond, Wisconsin
  • Melrose, Minnesota
  • Hopkins, Minnesota (2 tanks)
  • Cottage Grove, Minnesota
  • Orono, Minnesota
  • Little Canada, Minnesota
  • Roseville, Minnesota
  • Brainerd, Minnesota (2 tanks)
  • Virginia, Minnesota
  • Montello, Wisconsin

Initial Evaluation & Annual Inspections

The initial evaluation or annual inspection will document:

  • Determine the existence of prior lead-based coating systems (initial evaluation only)
  • Evaluate tank’s current interior and exterior coating systems
  • Inspect tank’s basic structural elements
  • Identify OSHA/AWWA deficiencies
  • Recommend improvements and/or immediate repairs
  • Verify existing security procedures and tank protection
  • Evaluate operator-noted issues

Upon completion of inspection a comprehensive report is prepared for the client’s review. The report includes photo documentation of each element of inspection. In addition, a detailed analysis and proposal for any repairs and/or improvements will be provided.

Routine Maintenance

The key to keeping costs down is prevention and pro-active maintenance. When you consider the costs of rehabbing a severely neglected tank it makes the cost of maintenance pale in comparison. Taking care of problems as soon as they occur and doing the little things to keep everything in working order pay off in the long run.

Our design build team can identify key steps to extend the life and function of your facility. Annual inspections, paired with a comprehensive follow-up program includes pressure-washing and coating, and repair/touch-ups, is an easy and cost effective solution.