Safe And Sound Week Cert 400

Recognized Safe + Sound Participant

Classic Protective Coatings is a proud participant of Safe + Sound week, a nationwide event held each August to recognize the successes of workplace safety and health program. As it’s always great to recognizes our successes it’s also important to review any potential hazards so they can be fixed. Most importantly we want to recognize...
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Safety Step

Safety Training

Classic Protective Coatings wants to ensure that we provide our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. We want to provide our employees with the tools to recognize safety hazard and the ability to correct. Each year our employees attend annual training to discuss topics such as: Lead and other heavy metals, PPE, Fall...
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University of MN Tank Renovation

The University of Minnesota selected Classic Protective Coatings to perform the rehabilitation of the existing St. Paul Water Tower in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Scope of Work consisted of coating and repairing an existing 150,000-gallon elevated spheroid water storage tank. Classic Protective Coatings abrasive blast-cleaned the wet interior tank surfaces to Near White standards SSPC-SP10. The interior...
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Farmington New Old

New look for Farmington Water Tower

All who travel into Farmington this summer will see a modern design with shades of blue to showcase new branding efforts that highlight the natural resource of the Vermillion River. The hydropillar is being renovated after 21 years. This project is expected to take contractor, Classic Protective Coatings approximately 15 weeks, depending on weather conditions....
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Gillette Wy Complete 5

2 MG GST Custom Upgrades

Classic Protective Coatings crew just completed renovation of a 2 MG ground storage tank in Gillette, Wyoming.  Gillette is a community of approximately 30,000 people. The City calls itself the “Energy Capital of the Nation” noting that the state of Wyoming provides nearly 35% of the nation’s coal supply. Over the last decade, Gillette’s population...
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Brighton Co 2019

8.3 MG Water Tank Renovation

Classic Protective Coatings is in the process of completing renovation of the 8.3 Million Gallon Ground Water Storage Tank in Colorado. Due to the vast size of the ground storage tank, CPC has chosen to utilize our FasterBlaster to abrasive blast for the exterior of the tank. The use of the FasterBlaster will allow us...
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Scott Est Temple Daily Telegram 2019 03 19

Meeting the community

Classic Protective Coatings building relationships in the communities we visit. Kito, talks Monday to a man passing by about the sandblasting and painting being done behind the tarp-covered Temple water tower.  
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Cold Weather

Cold Weather Emergency Water Tank Repairs

Unfortunately, cold weather is coming our way again. It’s inevitable that things will go wrong during extreme periods of high winds and cold weather; water storage tank piping can freeze, preventing water from entering and exiting the tank. If you run into a situation where you’re unable to move water in or out of the...
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At Classic Protective Coatings we believe in our employees, not subcontractors.

It’s not uncommon in our industry for contractors to utilize subcontractors for painting, sandblasting and welding procedures. Many painting companies utilizes subcontractors instead of hiring full time employees to cut cost giving them the competitive edge to provide a “low bid”. Classic Protective Coatings invests in each of our employees to ensure they are expert...
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