Water Tank Rehabilitation

There is No Water Tank or Tower that We Can’t Restore

Over time water tanks and towers can become eye sores. A water tank is often the most visible landmark within a community. They’re really, in a way, kind of functional monuments. A clean, beautifully painted and optimally functioning water tank restores community pride in a very practical way.

Classic Protective Coatings can handle any of your water tank and tower needs:

  • Assessment
  • Repairs
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Coating & Logos
  • Security and OSHA Upgrades
  • Blasting
  • Containment
  • Lead and Chromium Abatement


With our decades of experience working on water tanks we’ve become assessment experts. We offer complete assessment of a structure either visually, or physically. We’re able to use diving crews if the situation calls for it. We take an engineering approach to our detailed reports. All reports are thorough and detailed with digital pictures for easy online transfer. Whether it’s OSHA updates, hygiene updates or safety and security shortcomings we can accurately assess the problem. Each report is complete with specifications and individual costs for updates. In addition, once the report is generated we are fully capable of fulfilling all recommendations within the assessment efficiently and cost effectively.


Yet another way we stand out in our industry is by doing our own welding and fabrication. Our large capacity welding and rigging equipment compliments our certified and highly skilled crews. Our fabrication and engineering associations allow us to raise tanks, lower them, move them, and make major repairs in a timely and cost effective way. The fact that we can manufacture and fabricate unique parts in-house can save you weeks in waiting time. Every day a tank is offline is a burden to the community, our quality efficient repairs keep that time to a minimum.

Jamestown Nd After
Jamestown Water Tower after restoration

Emergency Tank Repairs

It’s inevitable that things will go wrong. Classic Protective Coatings can help. We offer emergency freeze-up service. Day-to-day functions that keep your operation functioning will fail on occasion. Classic Protective Coatings has years of experience diagnosing and repairing common issues that arise with water storage facilities. We have the tools and know how to get you up and running quickly.

Coating & Logos

Our applications of paints and lining materials range from high volume spray equipment to power-roller applications. When we repaint a tank we can easily rework the image at the same time. No matter how simple or complex the logo we can execute it to your satisfaction. We paint simple lettering to the most complex of murals. If your current tank does not have a logo and you’d like to add one just let us know.

Security & OSHA Upgrades

If your ladders or balcony do not meet present OSHA requirements, or if you lack enough or properly placed manways you’ll need to address these issues to avoid fines. We pride ourselves in safety and keeping up with all of the latest OSHA requirements. Updating these changes on any style of tank is one of the areas we shine most in.


Our ARS Recycling Machines are capable of tackling any style tank, big or small. These machines can be utilized on any job site including urban areas when low dust emissions is required and on hazardous paint removal projects. With the use of recyclable abrasives we are able to reduce cost while also reducing our carbon foot print on the environment.

  • ARS Recycling machines
    • 80 barrels of abrasive storage combined with 8 blast pots. The patented cleaning system archives level of grit cleanliness that is unparalleled in the industry.
    • Each Barrel holds 2,000 lbs. of grit
    • Desiccant Dryers
    • Six Component Cleaning Systems
    • Six Stage Air Wash with Separate Bag House
    • (2) oversized air-cooled after coolers Fans: 1800 CFM
    • Vacuum Blower: 6,000 CFM
    • We use 3,200 CFM blasting volume.

On ground and standpipe tanks, we’re able to use robotic shot-blasters that blast three times faster than typical hand held nozzles. These systems are closed meaning old paint chips, rust and mill scale go directly into 55-gallon drums never being blown into the air. Containment is 100% and there is no setup time. We’re able to to do this in the tightest and most restrictive of conditions.

  • FasterBlaster Machines
    • The only portable shot blast machine that cleans vertically, horizontally, and pipes of all sizes, roof,  floor, tank wall cleaning, and standpipe cleaning.


  • 40,000 CFM Dust Collectors
  • High IQ Air purifying systems for dry air
  • 5,660 CFM Hurricane industrial vacuums


Proper and safe containment is one of the biggest issues in our industry, and rightly so.  Lead and chromium dust can easy spread to nearby and even extended locations from a worksite if not properly contained. Often times tanks are placed in sensitive areas, like a school playground, park, residential neighborhood, or highly trafficked areas.

Federal and state rules regarding the removal of heavy metal containment exterior paint systems are very well defined. We make sure to keep up to date on any changes to these federally mandated regulations.

Our equipment and setup allows us to surpass the containment standards required by law. A negative air environment is achieved by our large dust collectors the draw fresh air into a flexible sidewall and roof containment and then out through HEPA filters. 

Our large industrial vacuum units pick up debris at a very high rate enhancing the effectiveness of the sidewall/bonnet containment. The result is zero dust spreading of lead or chromium debris around the neighborhood when we work.

At times we are capable of robotically blasting the exterior of a tank so that containment isn’t required – expediting project time while still meeting state and federal codes for heavy metal removal and disposal.

Our crews are blood tested regularly for heavy metal contamination. We keep the safety of all of our crews in mind on every job and use the most up to date state of the art air-monitoring equipment.


At Classic Protective Coating, we use the latest, most up-to-date, technologies in our industry. Not only do we use them, we buy them. A lot of companies rent these machines out. The problem with rental is time and quality. Machines are not available when companies need them. Or they can only use them for a short period of time so they cut corners. Rented machines are like rented cars – they’re not treated kindly – so they’re usually not optimally functioning. Classic Protective Coatings takes great pride in our tools and equipment. Without them, well, we wouldn’t be very effective. Here’s an up-to-date list of what we use making us so effective on every job:

  • ARS Recycling Machines – These machines are our pride and joy. 80 barrels of abrasive storage combined with 8 blast pots. The patented cleaning system achieves grit cleanliness that is unparalleled in the industry. Each barrel holds 2,000lbs of grit. Machines are equipped with a six component cleaning system. Six stage air wash with separate bag house. Two oversized cooler fans: 1800 CFM. A vacuum blower: 6,000 CFM. We use a 3,200 CFM blasting volume.
  • FasterBlaster Machines – The only portable shot blast machine that cleans vertically, horizontally. Cleans pipes of all sizes, roofs, floor, tank walls, and standpipes.
  • 10′ X 24′ Sector Technology High Defintion Plasma Cutting Table– This technology increases our productivity by giving us the ability to create standard & custom parts with reduced lead time.
  • 40,000 CFM Dust Collectors
  • High IQ Air Purifying Systems for Dry Air
  • 5,660 CFM Hurricane Industrial Vacuums

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