2016 Sherwin-Williams Impact Award

Fort WorthIn 2015, a project team including Classic Protective Coatings (Menomonie, Wisconsin) and Tank Industry Consultants (Indianapolis, Indiana) managed the recoating of the interior and exterior of a 2.0-million-gallon elevated water tank for the city of Fort Worth, Texas. The recoated, powder-blue tower features a painted logo showing the Fort Worth town name and the head of a Texas Longhorn.

Industrial painting contractor Classic Protective Coatings faced a variety of weather challenges, including major rain delays at the beginning of the project and difficult working conditions in the hot Texas summertime. To help slow down the coating drying times, Sherwin-Williams worked with the contractor and engineers from Tank Industry Consultants on reduction rates and product selections. This enabled longer application windows for crews to complete sections of the massive tower.

The project features several Sherwin-Williams products, including Corothane® I – GalvaPac Zinc Primer 1K for priming the interior and exterior of the tank. The interior featured Macropoxy® 646 PW in various shades for the stripe, intermediate, and finish coats. On the exterior, the stripe and intermediate coats are Acrolon™ 218 HS Polyurethane, and the topcoat and logo are Fluorokem™ HS Fluorourethane.

Impact Award