Selecting a water storage tank contractor:

Choosing the right water tank contractor is the most important parts of the overall success of the project. Many factors affect the decision making process including pricing, scheduling, and experience. When making a selection it is extremely important not to overlook other key factors such as safety, reputation, bonding and financial stability.


Safety should be a top priority when selecting a contractor. Any contractor on site must be equipped with the proper training such as OSHA 10 hour training and First Aid CPR. Checking your contractors OSHA records can give you insight into their safety performance. Reviewing formal Corporate Safety and Health Manuals is also a good idea.

Classic Protective Coatings was the recipient of the 2017 Texas Mutual Platinum Safety Partner Award for our dedication to Employee Health and Safety. All employees have been trained in OSHA 10 hour training, First Aid CPR & AED, in addition to receiving annual training in important topics such as confined space, fall protection and lead abatement just to name a few. Our formal Corporate Safety and Health Manual is updated annually to stay current with OSHA regulations and is available upon request.


Being in the water tank rehabilitation industry it doesn’t take long to build a reputation. It is important to ask contractors for references and follow up on them. Here are some questions you should ask when contacting references:

  1. Was the project completed on time?
  2. Was the contractor available to answer questions throughout the project?
  3. Did the contractor maintain a clean worksite?
  4. Did the project say within budget?
  5. Was the contractor professional?
  6. Would you hire the contactor again?

At Classic Protective Coatings, we are proud of the reputation we have built over the past 22 years. We are able to provide references for each and every project we have completed. Our jobsites are cleaned up at the end of each day. Any unforeseen changes or OSHA upgrades that need to be made are handled with professionalism. It is our intention to leave each and every community we work with on good terms so we have the privilege of working together again in the future.

Bonding and Financial Stability-

Tank contractors should be able to provide you with General liability, Auto, and Worker Compensation insurance certificates, bond capacity and show financial stability as an organization. Not only do you want a contractor that will show up to start the job but also someone who will see the project through to completion. It is also important to find a contractor who will still in business when it comes time to perform warranty inspections.

Over the past 22 years Classic Protective Coatings has received several phone calls from Engineers and Municipalities in a panic because the contractor that was hired left mid project or is not qualified to complete the work at hand. Of course we are more than happy to help if you find yourself in this situation. However, it is our hope that we have provided you with some important information so you can ask the right questions prior to selecting a water tank contractor for your next project.